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YANG Labs Additional Resources

By Erdem posted 07-13-2016 14:18


Check out the following resources for further education on YANG and OpenConfig.


NETCONF and YANG Tutorial


The attached PDF called JUNOS-NETCONF-and-YANG-Tutorial.pdf covers the basics of NETCONF and YANG, and describes the current capabilities and future plans of Junos for supporting NETCONF and YANG.


No prior experience in YANG or NETCONF is required to understand the information. Once you read the attachment you should be comfortable with using Junos YANG.


Junos YANG User Guide


Refer to Junos documentation


YANG blog series on J-Net Community


A series of blogs on YANG and how Network Management entities should progress in the path to Network Innovation.


See the YANG and Network Management Blog Series


Extending SDN to the Management Plane


A talk by Anees Shaikh, Google Networks, Network Infrastructure team at Google.


See Extending SDN to the management plane - by Anees Shaikh