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Where can I learn more about Ruby?

By Erdem posted 08-10-2015 20:47


Ruby-based resources for Junos OS automation..


Why use Ruby? 

GitHub Junos OS Standard Library
  • The Ruby framework supports the Junos OS-based device management automation.
  • This is the "standard library" or "core" set of functionality that should work on most or all Junos OS-based devices.
  • This framework is built on top of the NETCONF gem which uses XML as the fundamental data exchange, so there is no "automating the CLI" or using SNMP. This framework enables automation development without requiring specific Junos OS XML knowledge.
GitHub Junos OS SRX Library
  • A collection of Ruby classes to make Junos OS SRX automation easy. This library supports the following resources:
  • Zones and associated interfaces
  • Zone address book entries
  • Zone address book sets
  • Policy rules
  • Application entries
  • Application sets