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What are configlets and where can I learn more about them?

By Erdem posted 08-06-2015 22:12



Configlets are configuration tools provided by the Junos Space Network Management Platform that enables the user to quickly apply configurations onto Juniper Networks devices, thus reducing configuration complexity.




A configlet is a configuration template that is transformed to a CLI configuration string before being applied to a device. The dynamic elements (strings) in configuration templates are defined using variables. These variables act as an input to the process of transformation, to construct the CLI configuration string. These variables can contain anything: the interface name, device name, description text, or any similar dynamic values. The values of these variables are either defined by the user or system, or determined by the context at the time of execution.


What Are the Benefits of This Feature?


Configlets can be applied to any knob in the Junos OS configuration hierarchy, to any interface in the physical interfaces list, or to any hardware listed in the hardware chassis Inventory view in Space. The context awareness of configlets greatly simplifies the provisioning of devices and provides granular control.