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Troubleshooting: Contrail installation disk space issues

By Erdem posted 09-23-2015 14:52


Troubleshooting disk space issues


Contrail  2.0 (or later) installation may fail if there is not enough disk space available to provision the database nodes or partitions. By default, a minimum of 256 GB of space is required to be available and configured on all database nodes and partitions. 


Additionally, if you are using the Ubuntu Logical Volume Manager (LVM) guided partition feature as part of your Contrail installation setup, it will partition the disk to less than 256 GB.


The partition containing the Contrail database must have more than 256 GB of available space for it to install properly. If this is not available, then the fab install_contrail fails and generates the following error message: 


ERROR: Minimum disk space(256GB) for analytics db is not met in nodes


If you defined multiple database nodes in the file, the error message provides you with the IP addresses for all of the affected nodes.


You define the minimum disk space setting in the file:

minimum_diskGB = 256


Depending on the space available in the /opt/contrail/utils/fabfile/testbeds/ file, change this to a number less than 256 GB, for example, 150 GB:


minimum_diskGB = 150


After changing the minimum_diskGB value, save and quit the file, and then re-run fab install_contrail.