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Scripting How-To: Sending an SNMP Alert in Case of a Routing Process Failure in EX4500 Switches

By Erdem posted 03-28-2016 12:48


In Juniper Networks EX4500 switches, you can configure an event policy action that triggers SNMP traps. It is possible to send an SNMP trap when a routing process fails if routing process failure is a listed event in the system log. (Note that this is possible for any listed event in the system log, and is not specific to routing process failure only.) When the event occurs, the system log message for the event is converted into an SNMP trap.


To configure an event policy that raises a trap on receipt of an event, include the following statements at the [edit event-options policy policy-name] hierarchy level:


[edit event-options policy policy-name]

events [ events ];

then {



For a sample configuration of an event policy, see: