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Scripting How-To: Locate Junos Space Network Management Platform configlets and scripts

By Erdem posted 08-24-2015 09:39


Junos Space Network Management Platform Configlets and Scripts



Configlets are configuration tools provided by the Junos Space Network Management Platform that enable:


Local Scripts

Local Scripts (from Junos Space Release 13.1 and later) are provided by the Junos Space image and integrated with Junos OS:



Scripting How-To Articles


Toggling an Item in the Junos OS Configuration
A simple configlet that allows you to toggle the Junos OS configuration, for example, activate a deactivated knob or vice versa.


Displaying Script Results
Displaying results from within Junos Space 13.1R1.6 or later.


How to open an SSH session from within a SLAX script
Allows Junos Space 13.2 and later to open an SSH session to execute a command on multiple devices.


Using Local Scripts with an External Data Set
This article shows you how to pull information from an external data set (XML file) to use in a local (commit) script to configure devices that may or may not have unique configuration needs. Before getting started, you should make yourself familiar with using SLAX and local/commit scripts in Junos Space.

Reference Articles

Add Lag Member Configlet
This configlet is designed to add interfaces to an AE interface.

Enabling or Disabling Physical Interfaces
A simple configlet that allows multiple selected physical interfaces to be disabled or enabled.

A local script to view, install or delete license keys on devices
This example demonstrates the powerful functionality now available with Junos Space 13.1R1.6 and the integrration of local scripts. It describes one possible approach for installation of license keys on devices via the Junos Space GUI using a SLAX script that is executed locally on the Junos Space appliance and does not need to be staged and enabled on the device first.

Local Script to Find Open Ports Across Multiple Devices
Use this script to query one or more devices about port(s) that are open.


Other Resources


Additional scripting information for SLAX and JUISE are available on the script pages.