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Scripting How-To: Execute scripts on Junos OS devices with JUISE

By Erdem posted 08-10-2015 14:54


Execute Scripts on Junos OS Devices with JUISE

From Junos Space Release 13.1 and later, the Junos Space image comes integrated with the Junos OS User Interface Scripting Environment (JUISE), which enables you to execute a script on a remote device from the Junos Space server without having to stage the script on the device. 
By default, JUISE is installed when you install or upgrade to Junos Space Release 13.1 or later. Only SLAX scripts (*.slax) can be executed using JUISE. The conditions that should be met are:
  • The device should be reachable from the Junos Space server
  • The @ISLOCAL annotation marked within the script should be set to true.
    For example, the script should contain the following text:

    /* @ISLOCAL = "true" */

    When this annotation is set to false, you have to stage the script on a device first and then execute it.
To execute scripts on Junos OS devices with JUISE:


  1. On the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Images and Scripts > Scripts. The Scripts page displays the scripts that you imported into Junos Space Network Management Platform.

    Tip: Identify and select only those scripts that have Local displayed in the Execution Type column.

  2. Select Execute Script on Devices from the Actions menu.
  3. The Execute Script on Device(s) page appears.

  4. Select the devices on which you want the script to be executed by using one of the following selection modes: manually, on the basis of tags, or by using the CSV file. These options are mutually exclusive. If you select one, the others are disabled.
  5. Select the op script that you want to execute on a device.
For more information, see Scripts Overview.