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Expert Advice: OpenNTI and Junos QoS Across Platforms

By Erdem posted 04-26-2016 08:51



To what extent is Junos QoS and queuing-related telemetry supported by OpenNTI and how does this support vary across the various devices running Junos OS? What are the main limitations in leveraging this capability for Junos QoS and queuing-related statistics?


If a certain key-performance indicator (KPI) exists on a device (that is, if you can issue a show command to obtain the KPI), then OpenNTI (an open-source universal collector) can collect the KPI from the device. This capability is not restricted to Junos QoS. OpenNTI collects every KPI available in Junos.  It can be run on all platforms because the interaction is through the shell or NETCONF.