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Code-Free Automation

By Erdem posted 03-29-2018 10:25


When you hear the word “automation”, what do you visualize? Usually it will be some script, code or program that is executed to repeat the manual activity at machine speeds. There are other simpler ways automation manifests in.


With Junos, you get some features that help you automate work flow, reduce configuration size and control when the configurations are active without writing a single line of code.

Junos configuration groups is a feature that helps you reduce the size of device configuration, by grouping common configurations together and using inheritance to apply the configurations correctly.

A simple visualization and overview of the Junos config groups feature is covered in this video.

You will learn how to configure, apply and view the effective configuration with config groups.

It will explain how inheritance is applied through use cases of multiple customer configurations, and how to control when and how these configurations are applied using conditional groups.

All this in under 7 minutes.

You can explore a lot more in our Understanding Junos OS Configuration Groups Overview Guide and other documentation.