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FAQ: SNMP Counters

By Erdem posted 02-02-2016 11:21


SNMP enables you to monitor network devices from a central location. Many network management systems (NMS) are based on SNMP, and support for this protocol is a key feature of most network devices.


Juniper Networks provides many different platforms that support SNMP on Junos OS. Junos OS includes an onboard SNMP agent that provides remote management applications with access to detailed information about the devices on the network.


Junos OS supports:

  • version 1 (SNMPv1)
  • version 2 (SNMPv2c)
  • version 3 (SNMPv3)

To ramp up on SNMP implementation in Junos OS, click: Understanding SNMP implementation in Junos OS.

For a list of supported standard and enterprise-specific MIBs, click SNMP MIBs and Traps Reference.


This article provides answers to the most common questions about SNMP counters.


  1. Which MIB should I use for interface counters?
  2. When should 64-bit counters be used?
  3. Are the SNMP counters ifInOctets and ifOutOctets the same as the command reference show interfaces statistics in and out counters?