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FAQ: Routing Protocol Process (rpd)

By Erdem posted 01-21-2016 09:34


The routing protocol process (rpd) is a software process within the Routing Engine software that controls the routing protocols that run on the device. Its functionality includes all protocol messages, routing table updates, and implementation of routing policies. The routing protocol process starts all configured routing protocols and handles all routing messages.


To ramp up on general routing protocol concepts and configuration information, click: Junos OS Routing Protocols Library for Routing Devices


This article provides answers to the most common questions about the routing protocol process memory utilization, operation, interpretation of related command outputs, and memory shortage and leakage.


Routing Protocol Process Memory

  1. Why does the routing protocol process use excessive memory?
  2. How can I check the amount of memory the routing protocol process is using?
  3. I just deleted a large number of routes from the routing protocol process. Why is it still using so much memory?

Routing Protocol Process-Related Command Outputs

  1. How do I interpret memory numbers displayed in the show system processes extensive command output?
  2. What is the difference between Active and Inact memory in the show system processes extensive command output?
  3. How do I interpret memory numbers displayed in the show task memory command output?
  4. Why is the Currently In Use value less than the RES value?

Routing Protocol Process Memory Swapping

  1. How do I monitor memory swap activity?
  2. Why does the system start swapping when I try to dump core using the request system core-dumps command?
  3. Why does the show system processes extensive command show that memory is swapped to disk although there is plenty of free memory?

Routing Protocol Process Memory Shortages and Leakages

  1. What does the RPD_OS_MEMHIGH message mean?
  2. What can I do when there is a memory shortage even after a swap?
  3. How do I determine whether there is a memory leak in the routing protocol process?
  4. What is the task_timer?