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FAQ: Junos Automation Enhancements

By Erdem posted 02-16-2016 11:57


Automation enhancements are designed to support the increasing needs of large data centers for more automation and programmability. These enhancements are available in a separate download of Junos OS. You can now run unsigned programs, such as programs that you develop with Python, Chef, and Puppet.


To ramp up on the features of Junos Automation enhancements, click Automation Enhancements Overview.


This article provides answers to the most common questions about Junos Automation Enhancements (which were introduced in Junos OS Release 13.2X51-D15).


  1. Which products or applications support Junos Automation enhancements?
  2. Who do I contact for problems with loading, installing, or updating libraries?
  3. Who do I contact for problems with Puppet for Junos OS?
  4. Who do I contact for problems with Chef for Junos OS?
  5. How do I recover Junos OS binaries that have been deleted?
  6. How do I recover from a system crash?
  7. How can I verify that a device is running a jinstall-qfx-5-flex-x.tgz software bundle?
  8. What happens to the user partition if I downgrade a device that is running the jinstall-qfx-5-flex-x.tgz software bundle to a device that is running a different software bundle?