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Question on Strict-High queues

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  • 1.  Question on Strict-High queues

    Posted 07-18-2022 16:07



    Here is the output of


    lab@ex1# run show interfaces ge-0/0/10 extensive | find "CoS Information"

      CoS information:

        Direction : Output

        CoS transmit queue               Bandwidth               Buffer Priority   Limit

                                  %            bps     %           usec

        0 ezqos-best-effort      30      300000000    50              0      low    none

        4 ezqos-video-fc         70      700000000    20              0      low    none

        5 ezqos-voice-fc          r              r    20              0 strict-high    none

        7 ezqos-control-fc        r              r    10              0 strict-high    none



    The scheduler applied to the ezqos-voice-fc queue has a strict-high priority, and so doesn't have a transmit rate.


    So the question is: For the ezqos-voice-fc queue, what does it mean to have a bandwidth of 'r' as shown in the above CLI output?




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  • 2.  RE: Question on Strict-High queues

    Posted 07-19-2022 09:23
    Hi Deepak,  

    If I am not mistaking "r" means remainder "use the remaining rate available", one of the default behaviors for strict-high queue as NC (network control), also, packets that are queued in a strict-priority queue are serviced first before packets in other queues, including high-priority queues.