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qfx3500 fiber-channel

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  • 1.  qfx3500 fiber-channel

    Posted 07-06-2022 10:15


    I'm trying  create fiber-channel interface. i used this article Example: Setting Up Fibre Channel and FCoE VLAN Interfaces in an FCoE-FC Gateway Fabric .
    But in result is:

    pnd@qfx2# show interfaces fc-0/0/0
    unit 0 {
        ## Warning: configuration block ignored: unsupported platform (qfx3500s)
        family fibre-channel {
            port-mode np-port;
    pnd@qfx2# show chassis
    aggregated-devices {
        ethernet {
            device-count 10;
    fpc 0 {
        pic 0 {
            fibre-channel {
                port-range 0 5;
                port-range 42 47;

    JunOs version is 15.1R7.9. also i tried 14.1X53-D47.4, 14.1X53-D49.1

    What have i missed ?



    leonid khorolets