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  • 1.  Policy traffic graph

    Posted 06-27-2022 06:02
    Does anyone monitoring traffic passing per policy by SNMP ? I'm trying to draw a graph with Zabbix, but without luck so far.
    I'v imported MIB files to Zabbix, but i can't figure the proper OIDs.
    Any help will be appreciated. 
    #Zabbix #SNMP #policy #traffic 


  • 2.  RE: Policy traffic graph

    Posted 06-28-2022 14:32
    Not sure but I think the OID you want are these two

    This appears to be the right section of the MIB for policy monitoring.

    Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador
    IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro Ethernet & ISP - Retired)

  • 3.  RE: Policy traffic graph

    Posted 06-28-2022 16:02
    Hello Steve,
    Thank you for your help, but I'm not quite sure that this is the OID I need.

    I'v made some progress today. So far , the OID I need is this -

    The number of input bytes enters the FW through this policy.


    The result of this OID is this Input bytes :

    show security policies policy-name proxy-o365 detail
    Policy statistics:
        Input  bytes       :        1393673435139               181920 bps
          Initial direction:         456159660827                74734 bps
          Reply direction  :         937513774312               107185 bps
        Output bytes       :        1409809227924               185390 bps
          Initial direction:         468096857205                77787 bps
          Reply direction  :         941712370719               107603 bps
        Input  packets     :           3149156485                  522 pps
          Initial direction:           1741543506                  288 pps
          Reply direction  :           1407612979                  234 pps
        Output packets     :           3184084321                  531 pps
          Initial direction:           1772995778                  297 pps
          Reply direction  :           1411088543                  234 pps
        Session rate       :             35013650                    9 sps
        Active sessions    :           4259987905
        Session deletions  :             69993041
        Policy lookups     :                    0

    This is Total Input bytes per policy, but I need bps(bits per second) value as seen above. I can't figure it out how to get bps value.
    Can't find that in MIB browser.


  • 4.  RE: Policy traffic graph

    Posted 07-06-2022 03:17
    Ok, so the correct OID is this - jnxJsPolicyStatsOutputByteRate ( . I will upload zabbix template later.