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Juniper Srx 345 - Have i hit hardware limits?

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  • 1.  Juniper Srx 345 - Have i hit hardware limits?

    Posted 07-05-2022 12:03


    Could use some help deciding if i hit hardware limit or i have bad config.

    Device: Juniper srx345-dual-ac, fw 21.2R1.10

    When reading datasheet it states the following:

    Routing with packet mode (IMIX packet size) 2,300 Mbps
    Stateful firewall (IMIX packet size) 1700 Mbps
    IPsec VPN (IMIX packet size) 300 Mbps

    In short i have one uplink to internet and one trunk port with 9 vlans. There is about 350/350 traffic on trunk port between vlans. And 30/15 on ipsec tunnel over internet. Currently i have security policies that allow all traffic between vlans. Not global but seperate one for each vlan.

    Security loging mode is set to event, changing to streaming didnt change much.

    With this simple setup the load is following:

    show chassis routing-engine
    Routing Engine status:
        Temperature                 37 degrees C / 98 degrees F
        CPU temperature             70 degrees C / 158 degrees F
        Total memory              4096 MB Max  1761 MB used ( 43 percent)
          Control plane memory    2320 MB Max   928 MB used ( 40 percent)
          Data plane memory       1776 MB Max   835 MB used ( 47 percent)
        5 sec CPU utilization:
          User                      12 percent
          Background                 0 percent
          Kernel                     8 percent
          Interrupt                  0 percent
          Idle                      80 percent
        Model                          RE-SRX345-DUAL-AC
        Serial ID                      
        Start time                     2022-07-05 09:10:16 EEST
        Uptime                         4 hours, 34 minutes, 40 seconds
        Last reboot reason             0x1:power cycle/failure
        Load averages:                 1 minute   5 minute  15 minute
                                           0.22       0.20       0.17
    show chassis forwarding
    FWDD status:
      State                                 Online
      Microkernel CPU utilization        13 percent
      Real-time threads CPU utilization  53 percent
      Heap utilization                   47 percent
      Buffer utilization                  3 percent
      Uptime:                               4 hours, 35 minutes, 52 seconds
    show security monitoring
                      Flow session   Flow session     CP session     CP session
    FPC PIC CPU Mem        current        maximum        current        maximum
      0   0  85  53           1948         384000            N/A            N/A