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  • 1.  CSPF Juniper

    Posted 06-28-2022 07:04
    Hi Team, 

    do we have command to run cspf for particular destination in Junos ? 

    Below is cisco command :-

    show mpls traffic-eng topology path destination x.x.x.x


  • 2.  RE: CSPF Juniper

    Posted 06-28-2022 08:22
    Hi Sunil.

    In Junos, you configure an RSVP-signalled LSP using :
    set protocols mpls label-switched-path LSP1 to

    You must configure the egress of the LSP. CSPF will be run by default. You can disable CSPF by adding the no-cspf keyword.


  • 3.  RE: CSPF Juniper

    Posted 06-29-2022 10:34

    If you are trying to see the computed path (computed ERO).

    show mpls lsp ingress name <LSP NAME > extensive
    show mpls lsp egress name <LSP NAME > extensive



  • 4.  RE: CSPF Juniper

    Posted 06-30-2022 11:23

    Thanks for your response , but i'm not looking commands to show the lsp details or to configure the lsp . 

    below command in other vendors  will just run the cspf algorithm for particular destination and shows the output of computed hops without creating LSP.  same i'm looking in Junos. 

    Cisco : - show mpls traffic-eng topology path destination x.x.x.x
    Huawei:- display mpls te cspf destination x.x.x.x
    Nokia: - tools perform router mpls cspf to x.x.x.x

    Sunil Kumar