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  • Hello, I understand that hubs need to be suggesters, but if you have 2 hubs that you want to interconnect such that they can be redundant suggesters and also connect to each other, is that possible? Each hub has 2 ISP connections and there are multiple ...

  • Hello, I want layer 2 traffic tagged with a 802.1q tag 100 to pass through the SRX transparently towards the device that has its layer 3 gateway IP address configured, is this possible? I am aware I can create an IRB interface and put ports into vlans, ...

  • Thank you @kronicklez ! ​ ------------------------------

  • Hi, It as per design. You cannot change. Thanks

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    Renumbering SRX interfaces srx1500

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Hello, Is it possible to renumber srx interfaces? For example, when two srx's are configured to work in chassis cluster, for srx 1500, node0 keeps it's interfaces slot numbering convention ...


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