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    RE: Vlan issue on EX 3300

    Upgraded the switch last night and that seems to have solved the problem. The switch was displaying "booted from backup junos" but all partitions had same firmware version on them. ------------------------------ ANKUR ------------------------------

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    RE: EX2300 switches

    Hi You can check this documentation to see if it includes the EX2300. https://support.juniper.net/support/eol/product/ex_series/ ------------------------------ GARY WU ------------------------------

  • Is there any other way to accomplish this via CLI? I have another EX4550, but it's in production and I'm afraid it might magically revert to some unusable state like this one did when I put it on the network.

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    RE: Vlan issue on EX 3300

    What is the full configuration for interface ge-1/0/40 show configuration | display set | match ge-1/0/40 Do any vlans have all interfaces assigned show configuration vlans | display set | match all ------------------------------ Steve Puluka BSEET ...

  • Virtual chassis is only for the EX switch models. And the participation in a virtual chassis group is limited to specific models per group. For this group you would need ex4550, ex4500 or ex4200 as members. https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/release-independent/junos/topics/topic-map/ex4550-virtual-chassis.html ...



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