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  • Hi Nellikka, Thank you so much for your reply. Yes i forced the failover as one of the troubleshoot step i did ,and there is already an outage right now as no service works even when automatic failover to node1 happen. I`m also aware about that HW failure ...

  • yes private vlans would be a solution if you want all devices to have only access to the gateway and in/out of subnet traffic. If you need more control than that as in some devices need to talk locally, then you would need to deploy firewall filters ...

  • Hi Maroua, Cluster status output shows that there is a Hardware Monitoring Failure (HW) on node0. Please check for any active alarm (show chassis alarm) and coredump (show system core-dumps) on node0. The cluster priority of node0 is 255. When you do ...

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    Intrazone Security Policy and VLANs

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Hi everyone, I have an SRX1500 and a EX4300 and several EX3400. The SRX is used as the firewall and router. The EX4300 is being used to aggregate all the EX3400 Access switches. ...

  • Dear Security community, Im facing a really strange issue with srx1500 cluster: it seems that both node lost communication between each other and traffic stopped being processed. Currently all the services like ipsec vpn and bgp connections are down.After ...

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  • New ebook: Juniper Contrail and Red Hat OpenStack Deployment

    This five-chapter Day One book takes you from basic knowledge of OpenStack and SDN into deeper areas around Juniper Contrail plus Red Hat OpenStack architecture deployment.

    It reviews various architectures and takes a closer look at the Neutron project--the open source project for networking in OpenStack that handles network-as-a-service abilities.

    The author reviews many related acronyms that might confuse those working with OpenStack and Juniper Contrail. Gain insight into RHOSP 16 and Juniper Contrail via a step-by-step deployment that illustrates how to manipulate different templates for customized overcloud deployment.

  • RSVP now for the Security Ask the Expert--Dec. 7

    JOIN US! Security Ask the Expert live event

    Tuesday, December 7, 2021
    11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern 

    Topic: Your Attack Surface is Likely Greater Than Most Realize


    • Mounir Hahad, Head of Juniper Threat Labs
    • Robert Tafoya, Principal Architect, Industrial IoT Solutions 
    • Kedar Dhuru, Senior Director PLM Security Platforms & Services

    The attack surface has grown exponentially over the course of the information era. With distributed applications and the age of connected “everything," security teams like yours are often challenged to ensure the controls in place are effective at detecting all potential attack vectors, much less being certain you have mitigations for them all.

    In this session, several Juniper experts will share their insight and field your questions on topics ranging from industrial IoT to cloud-delivered security services and the full gamut in between. Threat actors are always probing for weaknesses and this year alone, Juniper Threat Labs (JTL) has discovered a number of new variants on past campaign techniques and threats.

    Come join us for this exciting conversation!
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