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  • My name is Jodi and I'm the new Community Engagement Lead at Juniper Networks. I have 10 years of experience managing communities and am thrilled to work with you. My first priority is getting to know you and understanding what's important to you so we ...

  • Hi, Firstly my apologies if this is not the right area to post this question, but there appears to be nowhere to post about Steel Belted Radius. I am trying to baseline a customers systems and this involves having to set up the following: Pulse Secure ...

  • @Saurabh actually I was able to get EVPN working but with one limitation: ARP requests originated from CE succeed in ~5-10 seconds which is acceptable. But the ARPs originated from mx104 are failing - the only way to make pings work is to originate ...

  • Could you provide more information here ? Topology indicating path of the arp, source/destination? Specific config for all nodes across the path would be helpful too. Are you trying inter-vni or is this just within vni within box? More info may help ...

  • @MEHMET SUEL thanks for your suggestion. EVPN instance-type seems to require configuration knobs that are incompatible with instance-type virtual-switch :​ set routing-instances evpn-stage instance-type virtual-switch ...

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