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  • Bonne soirée Christian, Yes, I remember seeing the « setting unlink by default" statement appear at the beginning of the adding new image process. So I guess I can pretty much remove it from my command and replace it with what ...

  • Actually unlink is set by default now on the EX Series - usually it even shows this if you set this option :) ------------------------------ Christian Scholz Juniper Networks Ambassador | JNCIE-SEC #374 Mail: chs@ip4.de Blog: jncie.eu | Twitter: @chsjuniper ...

  • Hello, here you can find the public document for this behavior: https://prsearch.juniper.net/InfoCenter/index?page=prcontent&id=PR1568757 By the way, the "unlink" upgrade command should not be used on EX series platforms, even the knob is visible: ...

  • You see this message because there was an upgrade in the Kernel-Space below JunOS (BSD-Upgrade) :) And since an older Version cannot correctly verify a new Version this message is expected and can safely be used. ------------------------------ Christian ...

  • Bonjour everybody, Junos 21.3R1 was identified in JSA11287 Security bulletin as resolving multiple vulnerabilities. So I decided to install it on a couple of 2300-C in my lab while waiting for it to become the recommended version ...

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