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  • You know what? As I was thinking of a different way to explain it I wrote this: That's when I saw the reason for your question! 0/8 orlonger does NOT include So, as you said, simply leaving out of the list should be ...

  • There are other ways you could answer this, but here's one. OSPF control packets are not all the same, there are different types. Each type has different fields that tells the other OSPF router what to expect. Here's an excerpt from the RFC: ...

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  • Hi Lara. But why can't the default route simply be absent from the martian list instead of being present, but marked as 'allowed'? For example, I don't want to reject prefix 100.100.100/24 either, but I don't need that prefix mentioned in the martian ...

  • That is correct. 0/8 or longer matches any route with the first octet = 0 and a subnet mask of 8 bit or longer. So if the router receives a update for say or the update is rejected. However, you don't want an actual default ...


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