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  • Hello Everyone, FXP0 binding is not happening | But ge-0/0/0 works fine We have a SRX DHCPv6 client. Below are the configurations root> show configuration | match fxp | display set set interfaces fxp0 unit 0 description "uplink from office guest ...

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    Ethernet Switching in SRX Chassis Cluster

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous We are currently running a router on a stick setup where all IRBs reside on the SRX running global switching mode and terminate on their respective security zone. I am doing this due to the ...

  • Go here and run your it-management config thru here. You'll see the differences.

  • Try this tool.

  • I have to admit that eBay is a common source of Juniper gear for most home setups. But there is nothing stopping you from buying new from a Juniper partner in your area on a cash basis or on-line retailers. There are also on-line used dealers of Juniper ...


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