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  • Hello, Users are returning to the office and everything works just fine except that i noticed an issue with dot1x for our EX3400 switches and guest users.. Whenever guests are connected to our wired network they get denied and put on the guest VLAN, ...

  • Hi All , I need to know if you anyone has experience this before. At one of our core sites we we have MX960 which have multiple MPCs . But the MPC in question here is a MPC3E NG PQ & Flex Q populated with two mics 3D 2x 10GE XFP ( This is plugged ...

  • hi I've configured POE power limit on my EX2300 switch, but it doesn't seem to be applied. my Junos version is 19.4R3.11. ive executed the command "set poe interface all maximum-power 15.4" but it doesn't seem to affect the power allocation on the switch, ...

  • SRX300でroot 権限でパスワードを設定しましたが 、でログイン画面が表示しません。 ログイン画面を表示するまでの手順を教えて下さい。 宜しくお願いいたします。

  • Hello, after making changes to the configuration and committing it, the changes are not applied to the switch. No error messages are displayed. The changes are made from the CLI. The web interface does not work. This happens on several ex2200-24t-4g ...



  • How can we improve the Juniper Elevate Community?

    Please take moment to give us insights on the Juniper Elevate Community. We’re planning to update it, and the feedback you share will help guide our improvements.

  • Junos Ask the Expert Recording

    Checkout the discussion and Q&A from the live Junos Ask the Expert session that was held on Wednesday, April 6. Raghavendra Mallya, VP, Juniper Fellow and Craig Dods, Distinguished Engineer, Security provided a quick overview of what’s new with Junos and Junos OS Evolved, and answer questions from participants live.