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  • For some reason your message isn't showing up here but I got your message by email. I will take a look at those KB articles and see what I can do. Thank you. v/r ------------------------------ Bruno Vic ------------------------------

  • Hi, To configure RPM on juniper srx, you can refer to the following And to configure event-options on Juniper SRX, you can refer to the following ...

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  • What are RPM and event scripts? I am new to SRX. I've never touched one in my life up until now. ------------------------------ Bruno Vic ------------------------------

  • Hi, Yes, That possible. U can check on RPM + event script. Thanks

  • Good Morning Everyone! First, I'm not entirely sure if this is necessarily the right spot; please forgive me if it is not and (hopefully) point me onwards to the right place. I've got an SRX320 and it's ran quite well for the past few months as ...

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