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  • I have to admit that eBay is a common source of Juniper gear for most home setups. But there is nothing stopping you from buying new from a Juniper partner in your area on a cash basis or on-line retailers. There are also on-line used dealers of Juniper ...

  • Thank you for your reply. The situation in the linked post is different: On the one hand they have only one vpn gateway on the other hand both sides use static ip addresses. I'm pretty sure that I can solve my issue if i spend an additional ip address ...

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    RE: Security Updates

    Is there somewhere I can get an official and definitely not tampered with SRX340? last time I got it from a reseller on Amazon which was not ideal. I'm literally just using this for my edge router at my home because security is important to me. I am ...

  • Hello I am trying to migrate VPNs from Checkpoint to SRX. Does anyone know if Juniper have a migration tool to help write the SRX config? Thank will save me alot of headache. ------------------------------ Dinesh Patel -------------------------- ...

  • Hello guys. Now the service is works. The problem is explanation in this topic below: [SRX/J] Can the secondary node of a chassis cluster be managed via J-Web? ( Diferent the others fabrics in Juniper isn't possible to access the web ...

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