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  • Assuming this is not a fully populated chassis then it looks like a correct output. Only one PEM is handling all the load with the other 3 in standby. Hope this helps. ------------------------------ Alex Torres Chan ------------------------------

  • Hi all, my first post, first setup of SRX (have an old 5GT-ADSL) - newby sorry, please be patient. My problem: I have 3 zones: mgmt, office, wifi distributed over ge-0/0/1 to ge-0/0/5. vlan office on ge-0/0/2 and ge-0/0//3 (irb.10), vlan wifi on ge-0/0/4 ...

  • Hello! I have an 2 EX3400 set up in a VC on a site connected to our ISP's MPLS Cisco Router, they share 3 vlans on a trunk interface (layer 3) with a link-net, each of thees VLANS is connected to a separate routing-instance (VR) and share routes based ...

  • try this format dev=Device(host=Host, user=User, password =Password) ------------------------------ JAWAD HUSSAIN ------------------------------

  • If you download a file like this one for MX960: junos-install-media-usb-mx-x86-64-22.2R1.9.img.gz You have to decompress it with: gzip -d junos-install-media-usb-mx-x86-64-22.2R1.9.img.gz Now you should have the file: junos-install-media-usb-mx-x86-64-22.2R1.9.img ...



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