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  • Hi, I'm new to Juniper ACL, and find something can be easily done on Cisco switch but so difficult on Ex4200 switch. I tried to stop all the outgoing traffic from behind the switch from going out, but allow all other traffic within ...

  • I think I might have not explain in detail, allow me to do so. The command set vlans default switch-options interface-mac-limit 2 packet-action drop-and-log is acting at the vlan hierarchy level for every interface, effectively all interfaces can only ...

  • Thanks Elvin. Is there a way to exclude my trunk ports? I guess I could apply the interface-mac-limit at the interface level for every interface except trunks...is this what you would suggest?

  • It affects all interfaces including trunks. Elvin

  • [edit]# set vlans default switch-options interface-mac-limit 2 packet-action drop-and-log Will the above command affect a trunk port that has learned 20+ MACs on this VLAN?

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