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    SRX1500 syslog

    Hi Community, I would like to forward syslogs from an SRX1500 to an external syslog server on the local network, for the following events: - control plane, i.e. user/warning, authorisation/info, etc. - IDP rule matches (specifically) Could somebody ...

  • To add the necessary technical information:

  • Thanks, Ulf. I feel more relaxed now :) Best regards ------------------------------ RAMUNAS DAUKSA ------------------------------

  • Hi, no need to upgrade. You can either just ignore the messages or if that's not possible filter them via or [EX] How to filter two or more specific messages from being written to the syslog ...

  • Hello, thank you for your answer. So basically we should try to install newer version, isn't it? On the other hand we have almost the same configuration with SRX1500 cluster in other facility (for testing purposes), and there we don't get those messages ...


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