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  • Yes, I believe this feature was introduced with the original release of 12.1 with DHCPD routing instance support.

  • The only question is whether it will work on this version of the OS: Software Version: JUNOS Software Release [12.1X44-D40.2] ------------------------------ ------------------------------

  • In the example above, no addresses from 1-100 will be offered. Addresses 101-103 will only be given to those specific hosts. Addresses 104-254 will be given away to any device that requests them. to prevent 104-254 from being offered, you would need to ...

  • So according to your example - only addresses with the entered mac address from ... 102, 103, etc. will be given away and will be excluded from - ------------------------------ obercik ---------------------- ...

  • You will want to use the "new"dhcp configuration style. For #2 you should enter every host in the remaining range as a host reservation entry. system { services { dhcp-local-server { group dhcp-server { interface ...


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