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  • Hello, You can get the Sample ( View sample CSV file ) template from the Import CSV wizard and then add your addresses in there. Your attached CSV format is incorrect where you put the address, it is in single cell, it should be in different cell in ...

  • Hello all, when importing from a CSV file I always run into an error Wrong CSV. In the given CSV file, line no. - 34 has 1 columns. It should have 12 columns. I have expotated an object for test purposes and have edited the csv file name and file. And ...

  • Check about half way down this page for links to the five different products in the portfolio. These are all different from Space and perform more specific roles. Assurance is ...

  • Hi Simon, Paragon is altogether is new product, it is not Junos Space. Regards, Pravin LOKHANDE Juniper Business Use Only

  • I'm just watching a Juniper Product Portfolio Vid and network management is using a product called Paragon. Not heard of this before. Simon ------------------------------ Simon Bingham ------------------------------



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