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    RE: About sflow

    Juniper has a tool called Feature explorer where you can verify which models and versions of Junos have particular features available. This is the link for sflow. https://apps.juniper.net/feature-explorer/parent-feature-info.html?pFKey=1424&pFName=sFlow%20technology ...

  • Hello Junos community, I am a new Juniper user and I am trying to understand the command authorization syntax in junos. I am referring to this guide for help: https://www.juniper.net/documentation/us/en/software/junos/user-access/index.html Juniper ...

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    About sflow

    Hello, i am a Junos beginner. I want to confirm my understanding about sflow. 1. sFlow agent embedded in the device, so it is a hardware-solution , isn't it ? 2. vSRX/SRX does not support sflow and supports jflow instead , right ? Did vSRX/SRX ...

  • If your customer has an IP space big enough (at least /23), you could simplify your life and just advertise superblocks to Cogent and smaller subnets to Lumen. As long as Cogent will receive the smaller subnets from Lumen, they will prefer them over the ...

  • Dear Juniper Communit, I`m facing a really strange issue with SRX 1500 cluster, the node is directly connected and no switch in between. it seems that the two nodes lost communication between each other. the primary node seems to not being able to become ...


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