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  • Hi Everyone! A big thank you to those who completed the community survey or gave me input 1:1. We are implementing improvements to the community as a result of your feedback. Here are the common themes we heard: Most visit the community to solve ...

  • Thats not how IPSec VPN tunnels work. They will be Layer 3 routed tunnels not Layer2 extensions. If site B is in a different subnet, then simply create site B as a dynamic addressed VPN gateway and you are good. For an L2 extension, you need to add ...

  • I want to create a VPN tunnel between sites. To explain my current network configuration please see the attached diagram. Site A has a Juniper firewall SRX345 with a public IP address, and site B has a 4G broadband router with a private IP address. ...

  • Hi, I had the same error on my SRX 345 but I continued and everything worked as expected after the upgrade. In my opinion, its not a critical error otherwise the validation would not have been successful, so you are safe to proceed upgrade.

  • Hello I want to upgrade a Juniper SRX 340 to version 20.2R3. I did a software validate of the package. I have an error message coming up, despite a Validation succeeded at the end. The problem is identical on the 2 chassis of the cluster. Is ...

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