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  • Makes perfect sense and no questions about NAT off... I've ran tests from inside and everything is good. Thank you for your time and patience! ------------------------------ ILYA KOROBOV ------------------------------

  • Traffic from the SRX is called "self traffic" in the Junos-host zone and does NOT get controlled by outside zone policy and nat. So the tests need to be run from a device in the controlled subnet NOT from the SRX gateway ip address. ------------------------------ ...

  • So pinging from SRX ( to remote subnet No reply. But work fine from remote to SRX. technology@FWLON> monitor traffic interface st0.0 no-resolve detail Address resolution is OFF. Listening on st0.0, capture size 1514 bytes ...

  • Could you look at the session table so we can see what rule and interfaces are seen by the SRX for the traffic. show security flow session source-prefix (ip address of local device) ------------------------------ Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador ...

  • Hi, Steve. Thanks for your time. st0.0 - 2 are exactly in the untrust. II had this set up as well. The result is still the same. technology@FWLON> monitor traffic interface st0.0 Listening on st0.0, capture size 96 bytes 19:14:34.998798 Out IP truncated-ip ...

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