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Intrusion PreventionScreen OSSRX vSRX 

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  • I don't have this version specifically but in general I find Firefox more willing to allow bypass of invalid certificates with self signing. ------------------------------ Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, ...

  • Hi, Anyone came across this google chrome error : NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID accessing an srx3400 jweb running 12.3x version? ANy workaround so far? We can no longer update the srx3400 firmware due to EOL. tia, Leangf ------------------------------ Leangf ...

  • Hello, You can use the path as below: 15.1X49-D60.7 -- 19.4R3 --- 20.4R3 ---- 21.2R3-S2 Please refer the Doc below: ...

  • Hello, I am trying to upgrade the Junos OS of my SRX340 firewall from 15.1X49-D60.7 to 21.2R3-S2. Since the two versions are far apart, I'm worried that there might be some problem. Can I upgrade directly or which kind of upgrade path should I follow? ...

  • I have configured SIte-To-Site VPN between our Organization FW (SRX345) & AWS cloud end. Tunnel is established successfully. Now, the case is in our site after Corp FW we do not allows external subnets inside LAN we only advertise 10.0.0./8. To ...

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