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  • The reason I asked about the other side is mtu does need to match on the connected ports. So I suspect the issue you are seeing is related to the mismatch in mtu on the link. ------------------------------ Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador IP ...

  • Bonjour Spuluka, Thanks for inquiring. No – no change at all on the other side. I tried it 2 times, and the same thing happened. Last year, my colleague did the same thing hoping ...

  • Did the mtu change on the other side of the link at the same time? I've not had a lot of ex but changing mtu on mx and acx has been consistently immediate and with only a link bounce when done on both sides of the link roughly the same time. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello all. I'm posting to see if anyone can help me compile a list of last reboot reason codes . My reasons is to have a better understanding for tshooting and these will be use to do automation post validation. Ive googled the heck out this and I've ...

  • MAC-IP Reservation DHCP Pool Assignment 802.1Q | SRX (juniper.net) ------------------------------ Ulf Bremer ------------------------------


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