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    Question on ISSU

    Hi. Before executing ISSU, do I need the Junos image copied to both REs, or just the master RE? Thanks, Deepak Juniper Business Use Only

  • The trusted-key gives you the ability to use different keys for different servers . Example . 3 keys 3 different servers. Also it give the ability to schedule rolling key changes authentication-key 30 type sha256 value "$w"; ## SECRET-DATA authentication-key ...

  • We were able to implement AMS load balancing with dynamic NAT and also logging. We retain logs for 2 years for law enforcement reasons. ------------------------------ Aaron Gould Senior Network Engineer aaron@gvtc.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/agould123/ ...

  • Here is an example of NTP Server Configuration from Juniper documentation: [edit system ntp] authentication-key 1 type md5 value "$ABC123"; server key 1 prefer; trusted-key 1; What is the purpose of the trusted-key ...

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    Question on RADIUS

    Hi. If: 1: I have a Juniper device configured for RADIUS authentication, and 2: I try to log in as user lab, and 3: There is no lab or remote user account configured on the device... will the Junos device send a RADIUS request ...