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    RE: SRX firewall

    Sorry if this is not what you are looking for I'm not sure I follow the question. I think you are asking how to identify which policies have as a source address configured. If the configuration is to that exact ip address first find the ...

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    SRX firewall

    hi just a quick question - lets say you have source IP address configured on a firewall on an existing policy, and you have been given a new destination IP address of which needs to be added to the existing policy on the firewall, ...

  • We would need to confirm what policy would apply to the traffic that is allowed. You can look for the active session for that traffic to the /16 when it is permitted and see what policy and details are seen for the session. show security flow session ...

  • Hello, Did you check to see if you have the license loaded on your SRX. I found this to be the problem when I first created my Juniper Secure Connect connection. The IPSEC tunnel won't start unless the license is there. Hope This Helps ------------------------------ ...

  • The dns rule would be from the zone making the request to the zone where the dns request is forwarded. I would guess the rule above is in the wrong direction, expecting the request to come from the trust zone to the untrust one. If your dns rule is ...