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  • Hello Kalle, Thank you very much for the information, It really shows what I was looking for. With Kind regards, Lance Lance Wendel Technical Services Project Engineer United Kingdom NTT ...

  • Hi, Check following link, it's explain well how is work. https://rtodto.net/address-books-explained/ //Kalle ------------------------------ Kalle Andersson ------------------------------

  • Hello, Forum members, I am pretty new to Juniper world and now trying to grasp the technology and the software side. So apologies in forehand for the simple questions. I am trying to understand when and how to use the Global address groups. if I create ...

  • Concur, OP is probably using the wrong virtual NIC in his hypervisor. FWIW, Firefly Perimeter (vSRX v1) definitely needs no more than 2GB of RAM. The 4 GB setting is correct for vSRX2 and vSRX3. ------------------------------ JASON ------------- ...

  • did you manage to complete this update process? I think it's hardeinged ------------------------------ Mateusz Wielocha ------------------------------

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