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  • Concur, OP is probably using the wrong virtual NIC in his hypervisor. FWIW, Firefly Perimeter (vSRX v1) definitely needs no more than 2GB of RAM. The 4 GB setting is correct for vSRX2 and vSRX3. ------------------------------ JASON ------------- ...

  • did you manage to complete this update process? I think it's hardeinged ------------------------------ Mateusz Wielocha ------------------------------

  • you have to download vmware tool from vmware.com put it into datastore/usb/dvd then login as administrator/root to the host, , it will ask to mount location of vmwaretool as source, you should proceed from there ------------------------------ NURDIN ...

  • user below link to know interface naming, it will help to know how you need to assign interface while doing lab in eve-ng. https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/vsrx/topics/reference/general/security-vsrx-interface-names.html ------------------------------ ...

  • try to change qemu NIC to vmxnet3 and restart your gns3 it should work ------------------------------ NURDIN SHEKIVULI ------------------------------

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