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  • Ok, better. After allowing the services vrrp to the interface, the VRRP is in backup state, as it has lower priority. But does the VRRP on this vSRX also need to send out updates via multicast? Do we have to go to install a second interface (suggested ...

  • So, I added in host-inbound-traffic stanza for "all protocols" for the trust network. ttadmin@r5> show configuration security zones security-zone trust tcp-rst; interfaces { ge-0/0/0.0 { host-inbound-traffic { system-services ...

  • Hi Jonas, your comment led me to investigate (on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS host) libvirt's support for multi-cast traffic. I am not sure 100% but it seems that with the following configuration, multi-cast receive is allowed (it's a bridge to a physical interface) ...

  • A couple of thoughts; * Have you allowed vrrp as a protocol under host-inbound-services? * are the KVM allowing the multicast packets on with destination If yes to both statements above; can you see vrrp packets being sent and ...

  • also, the vSRX is using routing-instances, but I don't think that has anything to do with it? #vSRX3.0

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