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  • Oh duh. it can't apply an acl until it knows what the traffic is destined!

  • Firewall filters are seen from the router point of view. Example: traffic received on ge-0/0/0.0 on a Junos device will be evaluated by the "filter input <filter-name>" where traffic sent out of the interface is evaluated by the "filter output <filter-name>". ...

  • Well you just put my brain in a pretzel! why would that be outbound? the flow would start from outside the interface and destination (10.4..x.x) would be inside said interface.

  • In which direction have you applied the firewall filter? From what I understand of your requirements it should be applied in the outbound direction (firewall family inet filter output <filter-name>). ------------------------------ -- Jonas Hauge Klingenberg ...

  • I've got this applied to an interface that has an IP address of However, I can still SSH to .18 from a subnet other than the .238 subnet. what do I have wrong? term A { from { source-address {; ...

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