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  • I have a setup using ssl proxy. It works fine so far, https traffic gets analyzed, Juniper signs the content with its own certificate. With one exception however: All sites using Letsencrypt certificates lead to a SSL-PROXY:DUMMY_CERT:GENERATED DUE TO ...

  • Good morning, I have recently deployed an SRX340 and looking to get a RAVPN set up. The customer site does not have a radius server so I am just looking for the best way to setup a solution that will work without the need for Radius authentication. ...

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    RE: icap-redirect - nothing gets inspected

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Would you mind posting the ICAP server software you are using ?

  • Problem is solved. Turned out that the ICAP Server did not accept redirect-request. ------------------------------ CARSTEN GRAMMES ------------------------------

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  • Since PulseSecure is no longer distributed from SRX platforms in newer firmware versions, is there a way to disable to webpage that comes up when the public IP/URL is typed in for the public/untrust facing interface. Note, Dynamic IPSec VPN is being ...



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