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  • Hello all I'm looking for configuration example for integration between SRX and SSR. Can someone help with this? Thanks

  • Hi all, I encountered a rather weird situation on a SRX4100 firewall after work we had not on the firewall but on Juniper virtual switch stack the firewall is connected to. The problem is that some time after the virtual switch stack upgrade the SRX ...

  • Hello Steve, Thank you for your help, but I'm not quite sure that this is the OID I need. I'v made some progress today. So far , the OID I need is this - The number of input bytes enters the FW through this policy. jnxJsPolicyStatsInputBytes ...

  • Not sure but I think the OID you want are these two NamejnxJsIfMonInPolicyPermit OID1. NamejnxJsIfMonOutPolicyPermit OID1.​ This appears to be the right section of the MIB for policy ...

  • Hello, Does anyone monitoring traffic passing per policy by SNMP ? I'm trying to draw a graph with Zabbix, but without luck so far. I'v imported MIB files to Zabbix, but i can't figure the proper OIDs. Any help will be appreciated. #Zabbix #SNMP ...


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