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  • We would need to confirm what policy would apply to the traffic that is allowed. You can look for the active session for that traffic to the /16 when it is permitted and see what policy and details are seen for the session. show security flow session ...

  • Hi, there I would like to migrate from Pulse Secure to Juniper Secure Connect. In J-Web wizard, when setting External Interface of Local Gateway, there is no ge-0/0/0 or pp0.0 in the drop list (external interface was set to pp0.0 for Pulse Secure). Are ...

  • This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous I have an SRX340 with a simple setup: all traffic interfaces are in the global zone, all security policies apply to that zone, and all security policies are set to log. I have static routes ...

  • We recently purchased a new pair of SRX4200s. I chose to do a quick test of physical ports prior to preparing for deployment. That seemed to go ok, but I wasn't sure how to test the CTL and FAB HA ports. ...

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    2 untrust contact

    hi, 2 untrust cannot communicate with each other untrust A untrust B 84..43.80.3xx There are ip wifi users starting with B, ip exchange and camera nat processes starting with A, but absolutely no communication between the two untrusts ...



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