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  • Good Morning, just trying to install Paragon Insights ona server which needs to use a HTTP(S) Proxy. APT/Docker, etc. is already configured to access the public Internet via proxy but when the installer comes to set up Kube it fails. Not yet figured ...

  • I have an issue when I try to configure my SRX-12.3X48-D70.3device through Netconf using ansible. The xml is format well but when i start installation on the device, I have this error: ncclient/operations/\", line 341, in _request\n raise self._reply.error\nncclient.operations.rpc.RPCError: ...

  • Hi My Friend, We're using Python (Junos PyEZ) to deploy configuration to Juniper MX router. Everything is OK for "set" command. How can I deploy non-set command configuration such as ANNOTATE via Junos PyEZ? Thanks. Normally we have to add annotate ...

  • I spent hours trying to find the reasons, but very few. I came across the following: NETCONF and Shell Sessions over Outbound HTTPS Table 1: Supported Features for Sessions over Outbound HTTPS Feature/Component Junos ...

  • with Config(dev, mode='private') as cu: After I took off mode='private', it works. I am not sure whether it is related to the junos-eznc version.

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