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  • Hi Dave, I don't think this is possible at all. If my reading of the pyez code is correct, the library doesn't actually do any parsing of the config at all - what it does do is it takes the config in one of the supported formats, and uses an rpc call ...

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  • Hi Elvin, Thanks for taking the time to respond. I previously saw the link you referenced, but the issue I have is that it seems like there is a requirement to create a device instance, which requires a hostname or IP address. And I don't have a live ...

  • thanks !!

  • Using Python Interactive Mode on Devices Running Junos OS To invoke Python 2.7 or Python 3 in interactive mode ...

  • You can load the config from multiple sources as described here. With your browser, find the section on "Specify the Location of the Configuration Data". HTH, Elvin

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  • Junos offers a broad range of automation capabilities, starting from a YANG based configuration and state information base , accessible via CLI, NETCONF and REST over gRPC based JET APIs directly into various Junos daemons. Some readers might even ...

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