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    User rights in Conductor

    Hi,All I have temporarily granted "admin" privileges to a user. However, if the user is still logged in after the admin privileges are revoked However, even after I disabled the admin privilege, if the user remained logged in, they would remain as admin ...

  • Hi All, How to call the following API from conductor to get such as the service detail ? Thanks! /config/{configStore}/authority/service /config/{configStore}/authority/service GET No The service configuration is where you define the services ...

  • Hey everyone, Many of you may already know this, but the SSR installation and upgrade process is now done using a username and token that is provided to you by your sales rep. It used to be that you were given a .pem certificate. When you go to upgrade ...

  • Steve, for the POST API call I got good results with this schema formatting: { "parameters": [ { "name": "node", "values": ["Node-1"], "itemize": true }, { "name": "peer-host", "values": [], "itemize": true ...

  • Hey Stephen, I wrote an integration into LogicMonitor to collect these stats, and I see we're using a GET method (your screenshot shows a POST) Sample using adjacencies to get latency: https://<node-or-conductor>/api/v1/router/<router-name>/node/<node-name>/deviceInterface/<device-name>/networkInterface/<interface-name>/adjacency ...

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