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  • Well, disregard this. Somehow an invalid interface name was added and was the cause for this. ------------------------------ Dan Graham ------------------------------

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    Missing gigether-options

    Running vMX 22.3R1.11 with trial license. Attempting to add interface as member to ae0 but gigether-options is not available: root# set interfaces ge-0/0/0 ? Possible completions: accounting-profile Accounting profile ...

  • I got it working, then I blew it away. It was like you said, policy. and also policy from the FRR ------------------------------ Christopher Gerard ------------------------------

  • It's not clear where some of the output you posted is from since the router hostname isn't listed. But my guess: To advertise the subnet on vMX1 to other BGP speakers, you'll need to change your policy. vMX1 will know 192..0.0.0/24 via protocol ...

  • Hi I have established BGP session between two routers, in this lab the I am having an issue getting my Juniper vMX to advertise routes between another vMX and a Cisco. I was wondering if anyone could take a look and see what may or may not be missing, ...

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