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  • I have a pair of EX4600 configured as VC. I would like to add some firewall filters to specific ports (ae2 in this case), so they would be protected from outside (accessible only from Trusted-Sources prefix list ), but should be able to access the internet. ...

  • share your configs i can second eye it ------------------------------ QURAITUL AIN ------------------------------

  • Were you able to get it working? ------------------------------ QURAITUL AIN ------------------------------

  • The IPv4 interface is used only for remote management(and will remain so) on the switches and only have one static route needed for this. From your answer there is nothing further needed to be done on the switches. That's great as I can then focus only ...

  • The configurations for ipv6 are all related to layer 3 getting ip addresses. So if the switches only perform layer 2 functions than no change would be needed. For the layer 3 interfaces that exist in ipv4 you would need to add the equivalent ipv6 configurations. ...



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